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Introducing the 2017 Street Rod™, Harley-Davidson®'s Newest Beast Valley Forge Harley-Davidson®

20 April 2017

Introducing the 2017 Street Rod™, Harley-Davidson®'s Newest Beast Valley Forge Harley-Davidson®

Harley-Davidson® Style

You'd be hard-pressed to find a meaner bike than the 2017 Street Rod™. The intense Dark Custom™ design puts blacked out features where once there was chrome. This gives the bike a no-nonsense, business suit-like seriousness that tells other motorists to stay out of your way. Up top you'll find drag style handlebars with bar-end mirrors. In front, the Daymaker Projector LED headlight cuts through darkness like a knife with its clean, precise beam. The Screamin' Eagle® Buckshot Exhaust is what provides that signature Harley-Davidson® growl, but painted in flat black, it looks less like an exhaust pipe and more like the barrel of a cannon. While the overall menacing paint scheme yells "stay out", the small, painstakingly applied details offer passersby to "come in" and get a closer look. If this bike never left the showroom, it would continue to impress for years to come.

Muscled-Up Performance

The looks are spectacular, but they matter less when you're tearing past traffic so fast they can't track you. Here, Harley-Davidson® developed the new 750 cc High Output Revolution X™ to redline at 9,000 rpm. They achieved this through a 12:1 compression ratio, which gives the bike gut-punch power, torque, and top-end speed.

Keeping all that power on the pavement is a revamped suspension system that begs to be tested around corners. In front, a 43mm inverted front fork keeps the front wheel on the ground, while piggyback reservoir rear shocks keep the ride comfortable and low on road vibration. The riding posture allows for a more athletic stance and improved cornering. Riders can expect up to 40 degrees of stable lean around corners, meaning backroads go by quick and easy.

Harley-Davidson® Legacy

The Harley-Davidson® legacy is one of producing genre-defining bikes year after year. Harley-Davidson® is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the country, and their bikes are still assembled in the United States. Through each new design, Harley® continues to demonstrate what an American motorcycle can be by combining industry-leading technology, power, and pure swagger into one package. For motorcycle purists, nothing feels better than riding a Harley® on the open road.

Valley Forge Harley-Davidson® carries all the newest Harley-Davidson® models, including the Street Rod™. Our Trooper, Pennsylvania dealership proudly serves the cities of Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Lansdale, Pottstown, Collegeville, and Phoenixville.