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How to Customize a Harley-Davidson® Sportster® By Valley Forge Harley-Davidson® Pennsylvania

How to Customize a Harley-Davidson® Sportster® By Valley Forge Harley-Davidson® Pennsylvania

Upgrading the Motorcycle's Comfort

What are the odds that a motorcycle off the showroom floor fits you perfectly? If you are anything other than average height, the odds are not in your favor. That's where comfort upgrades come into play.

Short riders struggle to reach everything (yet another chapter in the story of their life). The controls are just out of reach. Their feet just barely don't touch the ground. This little bit is enough to cause soreness from stretching to reach the whole ride. Alleviate this discomfort with the Super Reach Seat. Bring your legs closer together so it's easier for your feet to touch the ground. Move closer to your controls so you can enjoy a comfortable position. These upgrades make your ride more comfortable.

Tall riders, on the other hand, struggle to ride without sitting at uncomfortable angles (just like on an airplane). Their legs and arms extend beyond the comfortable arrangement of the motorcycle. They can incur strain on their knees, back, shoulders, and neck from hunching over. The Tallboy™ Seat helps move back the seat so you can enjoy better arm and leg room. The Batwing Tallboy™ Handlebars provide better shoulder, elbow, and wrist placement. Go easy on your body with a well-fitting motorcycle.

Upgrading the Motorcycle's Performance

You know your Harley-Davidson® has untapped potential. There are many upgrades to improve your motorcycle's power and efficiency. The Screamin' Eagle® Heavy Breather Performance Air Cleaner Kit is more than a mouthful - it's an addition to improve your motorcycle's air flow and performance. The Premium Ride Single Cartridge Fork Kit helps your tire stay in contact with the road more, which creates a smoother ride. A big bore cylinder upgrade kit boosts torque and horsepower. Unleash your beast's full potential with these upgrades.

Upgrading the Motorcycle's Aesthetics

Anyone can ride a motorcycle off the showroom floor. But you're not anyone, are you? Showcase your personality with style customizations. Change the paint job to something more unique. Swap out the handlebars to options like the Sportster Clubman Handlebars or ape hanger handlebars. Upgrade the wheels to a chrome-plated and eye-catching Solid Fat Boy® Rear Wheel or embrace the chopper look with Fat X 5-Spoke wheels.

Your gas tank can also be upgraded. A larger one fits more gas and is more noticeable. A smaller tank gives you better speed and a more streamlined appearance. Add in decals to really personalize it.

Customizing your Harley-Davidson® Sportster is a great way to improve the quality and aesthetic of your ride. When you are ready for the change, visit Brian's Valley Forge Harley-Davidson®. We proudly serve those near Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Pottstown, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Our friendly staff can help direct you to the best upgrades for what you are looking for.