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Learn To Ride A Motorcycle Brian's Valley Forge Harley-Davidson®

Learn To Ride A Motorcycle Brian's Valley Forge Harley-Davidson®

Learn To Ride Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program

New Rider Course, If You Are Interested In Riding a Motorcycle.

The Harley® Journey Begins Here! PA Motorcycle Safety Course.

The new riders course is designed to make you comfortable on a motorcycle. The New Riders Course includes both in-class lessons and hands-on riding techniques that focus on developing the skills you need to ride with confidence.

  • In the classroom, you'll get to know the motorcycle you'll be riding and learn the basics of rider safety skills.
  • On the practice range, you'll learn braking and turning, along with maneuvers like controlling skids and surmounting obstacles.
  • You will need your PA Motorcycle Permit in order to participate.


Skilled Rider Course

Even the Best Riders can get Better

The Skilled Riders Course sharpens your existing motorcycle skills with a range of maneuvers and techniques practiced at various speeds.

The Skilled Rider Course runs 1-2 days and is built on the curriculum of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation® (MSF) Basic RiderCourse 2 Suite. It is taught by devoted MSF and H-D® Certified Instructors.

The course focuses on improving these skills:

  • Control at low speeds
  • Risk management
  • Limited space maneuvers
  • Cornering judgment
  • Swerving and stopping quickly on straights and in curves
  • Multiple curve maneuvers and surmounting objects

Group Motorcycle Riding

Experience the Riding Power in Numbers

Order the Guide to Group Riding Self-Study Course to cultivate skills and techniques you need for organizing group adventures that fuel memories for life. Group riding demands a different set of skills than riding solo. With our Guide to Group Riding video seminar, you'll learn how to organize and ride in the ultimate group adventure.

The step-by-step, self-study seminar will teach you things like:

  • Planning and preparation
  • Formations
  • Hand signals
  • How to deal with road hazards

For more information Call: The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program (800) 845-9533 from 8 am to 12 noon or click